Rodman Reservoir Bundle
313 MB
Downloadable Lakemaster map for use with your Humminbird fish finder or FishSmart mobile app. HD Contours for Rodman Reservoir in Putnam County, Florida.
$24.99 for bundle of all layers
If you do not need to purchase the entire bundle of layers, you can purchase the individual layers from the list below:
HD Contours for Rodman Reservoir in Putnam County, Florida.
53.5 MB
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SmartStrike for Rodman Reservoir (requires HD Contour Layer for Rodman Reservoir) which will be added to your cart.
1.82 MB
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2010 Aerial for Rodman Reservoir.
119 MB
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2013 Aerial for Rodman Reservoir.
35.5 MB
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2017 Aerial for Rodman Reservoir Lake.
34.7 MB
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Topographic layer for Rodman Reservoir.
68.7 MB
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ChartSelect Products

ChartSelect™ is Humminbird’s digital map store. On ChartSelect, you can select, purchase and download individual High Definition LakeMaster lake maps for use with your Humminbird fish finder or Humminbird FishSmart App.

Choose from over 1,800 lake maps, each with full Humminbird compatibility for all exclusive LakeMaster features, including Depth Highlight, Shallow Water Highlight and Water Level Offset. Or, choose a bundle of layers for your lake which includes a variety of historic topo maps and aerial photos to help you locate structure and pick out the best fishing spots. Also available for purchase is the exclusive SmartStrike digital fishing guide, letting you predict where the fish will be next.

The exclusive LakeMaster HD Contour Maps will work in both your compatible Humminbird fish finder and the Humminbird FishSmart App. SmartStrike and topo and aerial layers are available for use only with a compatible Humminbird fish finder.

How To Use ChartSelect Maps

  1. PURCHASE : Buy a LakeMaster HD Lake Map for your favorite lake, or a bundle of layers for the lake. You must own one of the compatible fish finders listed here .
  2. PREPARE : Encrypt a blank 32 GB SD card by inserting it into a compatible and powered up Humminbird fish finder and then removing it.
  3. DOWNLOAD : Install the ChartSelect Download Tool (Mac Download | PC Download), launch it and follow the prompts to download your chart to your Encrypted SD card.

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